Monday, May 24, 2010

beginning of summer 2010

Yes. i am still alive...all of my avid readers were starting to get worried..."is chel alive?...i miss her blogs"  is what everyone is thinking. i'm positive.  So i'll give you all a priceless update of my amazing summer.  I have been working...and working...oh and working.  I work at a small gift shop in a small town, springdale, right before Zion National Park.  I meet a lot of weird peeps.  And a lot of old men flirt with me. possibly cause i got my braces off...or they are trying to get a discount.  and it's usually that. as soon as i say no. that is the price it is...they stop being nice to me. HA!  who woulda thought.  So i decided to try it out...just an extra 5%...and you would have thought I would have announced to a new father he had twins.  Their face lights up and starts telling me about their life and will even make jokes to try and make me laugh...Now...i have to think, is it worth it to lose a couple dollars every now and again to make a conversation go somewhere other than trying to get a discount?  maybe just that once.  Cause I would probably lose my job if I was giving discounts right and left.  So i just stick to my books from the library and call them my friends.
Well i start school again in three weeks...i know right? it blows, but it's worth it to graduate in may 2011. I wish i had some pics to share with you about my awesome summer...but...i don't have any!  Goal. take pics. to share with blog peeps.