Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Big News....I'M ENGAGED!!!

It's about time I updated my blog so I can tell you how all of this went down.  
I need to back up a bit and tell you what had to happen in my life so I could meet my fiance Tyler...

So I was supposed to go to New Zealand to student teach for eight weeks!  I was thrilled to go, I mean...who wouldn't want to go to New Zealand?!  Anyhow, I ended up getting sick a week and a half before I was supposed to fly out of the US.  I was diagnosed with mono.  I was SO sure that I would get better by the time I was supposed to fly out.  But as the week went on, all I did was get worse and worse.  I had every symptom possible (minus strep) for mono AND I had Jaundice like you wouldn't believe.  I was turning asian before my families eyes! And then all of a sudden I was diagnosed with Hep A.  This put the health dept in a frenzy because I already had my Hep Shots.  They found out that the Hep A was mono induced.  So it wasn't the viral Hep A, but I had all the symptoms of Hepatitis. Crazy Right? I had NO idea that Mono could do that.  So all in all the doctor was worried of liver failure.  One day before I was supposed to leave to New Zealand, The doctor hit me with all of this liver failure and Hep A news and told me I couldn't leave the country until my liver enzymes were back to normal, which could take weeks. I was devastated...I had a confirmation though that I was supposed to stay here and not go, which made it easier to accept the fact I wasn't going on this amazing trip.  I ended up missing about a month of school due to this crazy illness. 

Now was the hard part.  Going back to school and student teaching while still feeling awful!  I knew I was supposed to be in Logan student teaching...But why.  I was always asking and praying to the Lord so I could figure out WHY I was here.  Well, on March 28th I met Tyler.  We met at Family Home Evening.  haha so lame, right?  Typical LDS story.  However, It was happen chance that me AND him were there at that particular one.  Neither one of us hardly ever went.  So we met and then hung out every single day after that.  Dating him has been the easiest thing in the world.  Everything just fell into place for us.  I got a summer job up there by him for the month of June, Then got a job for the school year in Springville teaching 4th grade. onto the engagement story.

So Before the weekend of the 24th, Tyler asked if I would be ok going to St. George on Saturday night to visit the older couple companion that he worked with in his mission. I, of course, was totally cool with it.  In mine and Tyler's conversations he had me convinced that he didn't have the ring and such and so I was sure that he wasn't going to ask me this weekend. So we got ready to go over to St. George and on our way over he told me that he talked to them and they told him that we could choose to hang at their house or a marshmallow roast at Dixie Rock.  So he chose Dixie Rock.  When he told me this I got majorly excited cause I was thinking, "oh my gosh, he might propose!!!"  But then right afterwards I had to convince myself otherwise because if he didn't then I would have been SO disappointed!  So we got to Dixie Rock and no one was there.  Tyler said to me, "They mentioned they might be a little late, so lets hike up to the top".  So i told him ok. And as we were hiking I was secretly trying to look at his pockets to see if I could see a ring!  We got to the top and were looking out over St. George and the temple.  I took out my camera so we could take a picture of us.  After I took a picture then Tyler was like, oh hey we should just get this lady over here to take a picture!  So he took my camera and stopped this random lady walking by and said, "hey, will you take a picture of us?  Like with the temple in the background?"  Handing her the camera he then says,"Take it, no matter what."  She then takes the camera and says "what are you going to do........?" And then comes over by me, kneels down and Proposes!!!! All I could do was shake my head yes.  The lady, however, as soon as he kneels down, runs over and says "Oh my Gosh!!! I think I'm going to cry!" and keeps taking pictures.  When he puts on my ring she exclaims, "Does that mean yes?!" I laughed and said yeah, it does:)  I am almost positive the lady was just as happy as I was, and we probably made her day.  ha!  Anyway, we went and got some ice cream and he told me that he had the ring for 3Weeks!!! He chose it himself, and I love love LOVE it.  We were initially going to get married on 11.11.11 (which would be stellar) But I have all my life wanted an outdoor wedding, so we decided on October 8th! So here are the pictures of him proposing and also of the ring!

Please Ignore the gross nail polish.  I wasn't expecting a proposal!

 So there it is!  I am thrilled to marry Tyler.  By far the greatest guy out there:)  We will be doing engagements in a couple weeks!  So I'll have more pictures up fairly soon!