Sunday, March 27, 2011

The weekend of Hinduism and Ice Cream

This weekend was a great weekend, me and my buddy Rachelle finally made it to Festival of Colors.  Every year we plan on going and every year one of us bails.....So going this year was a great accomplishment!  I had a blast. there were so many dumb people there though.  There was this sweet black guy singing and every song had the words "hada rama hada krista"  it was amazing.  One of the Hindu peeps gave a speech about how we only need love and that is all!  And then we threw chalk.  It was seriously intoxicating. by the end of the day, I was covered.  I saw a lot of people there that I knew, which was sweet.  I met up with my brother and some of his friends too. My hair thickness grew two times because of the chalk and when I blew my nose everything was purple.  Nice, right?  As soon as I got back to Rachelle's I showered all the nasty stuff off. I just mostly think it was funny to see so many people throughout the day that were still covered in chalk, I guess if you're cool you leave it on so people see how neat you are.  Guess I didn't get the memo. And even if I did?  lets be honest. showering is still the best way to go.  Well, of course pics need to go with the event!  So here you go all my little blog stalkers (don't worry, I'm right there with you probably looking at your blog without you knowing either.) Here we go. lots of photos.

Now onto the rest of the night?  Rachelle's lovely boy Matt made the best decision of his life (and yes that trumps the mission decision).  He bought the neatest blender.  This blender will make hot soup, shakes, dips, peanut butter, and even ice cream, yes ice cream in two minutes flat.  We had this amazing taco soup and then later we made spinich ice cream.  It was amazing.  It sounds so gross.  But seriously...amazing.  My mind is honestly still so boggled.  I love that boy for buying that blender.
Matt preparing the Spinich ice cream Ing.

Ready to Blend!


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spring Break

Well I'm not like some kids who'll spend loads of bones and go to vegas or on a cruise or to other places in this world, every year for college I come home and see my family.  Seriously I love my family, and I know that each of you think that you have the best family...well I have some harsh news for all of you.  Because my family is by far the best.  Why else would I want to come down to good ol' So. Utah every spring break.  This weather has been absolutely phenom.  seriously.  Granted I haven't done loads, I'm still re cooperating and whining about me being sick.

My roommate came down to see me, what a sweetheart. Kristy.  My family of course showed her a good time. Cutting down trees, family dinners, cookouts, ambush (Explanation later), and then of course I had to show her Kolob yesterday.  Kolob is honestly the greatest place in this world.  I love it.  We drove up to our cabin gate and parked to look around. and then I looked at how deep the snow was and I had the great idea that we, Kristy, Shantel, and myself should hike into my cabin so I could show my roommate my cabin and the scenery.  The scenery is amazing.  Anyhow, so we walked the mile into our cabin.  In very deep snow.  Needless to say, I am so wiped out from this extravaganza.  Probably not the smartest thing to do right after Mono.  Here are a couple pics from the hike in.

And then after the hike we, of course, had to show the infamous spillway.  Which by the way has so much graffiti and f words and vulgar pictures.  I was completely shocked!  I haven't been up there in...well I guess since high school, senior year.

So after we died hiking into my cabin, we had a sweet hot dog/mallow roast in my back yard.  Don't you just love htown? And how we can start summer things in March?!  It was a tad chilly.  But it was still awesome.  After the dinner we decided to play ambush.  Have any of you heard of this game?  no. because Lucas and Heather made it up. And then talked all of us into playing it one day, and needless to say, we all love it.  This game involves guns, saying "bang bang you're dead!", snipers, stealth, and pure adventure.

There are two teams.  Trinity and Jake (when he was home and not on the mission--so Lucas took his spot) against everyone else.  Their job is to take over a checkpoint.  Which is usually a rake standing up against a bench.  They start on one side of the house and move around to the checkpoint while we (everyone else) would hide out either in bushes, trees, lay in the grass, wherever we can without being seen.  Then we wait until we see Lucas or Trinity sneaking around and then we point our play guy and yell "Bang! Bang! Trinity (or whoever you are shooting at) you're dead!"  And then they have to go all the way back to where they started.  They can also shoot us if they see us.  So...I can tell that you are all quite jealous that you have never been invited to play this game with us. or have ever heard of it.  Well.  we are thinking about having tryouts to recruit more players.  not really.  Mostly cause it would be crazy lots of people trying out. 

You may think this sounds like a way dumb game, i also thought it sounded pretty dumb as well when I first heard it.  But honestly, this is the funnest game.

Anyhow, I start school soon, I'm excited to start...mostly just to finish.  I honestly am so antsy to graduate...It couldn't come soon enough.  But then graduating may make me feel like I'm getting old. But oh well.  I'm SO ready to have my own classroom. and mold those little minds.
Alright. I feel as if I have written above and beyond.  so see ya.