Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Month of June.

So being in Salt Lake this past month has been amazing.  My job has been super fun and beneficial, and being able to see Tyler all the time has been the best!  We have been able to do so many fun things!  He took me to my first Bee's game.  It was fun, even though we lost, by a lot.

We also went four wheeling with his best friend, Mitch and his date Ashley.  They took us up to some trails in Mantua and brought along a picnic and we ate at a campground we found.  Then we went to Mitch's house (which is gorgeous.) and build a fire and just chilled and talked.

We also have gone fishing, which has been so fun, and nice to have him get my pole ready so I can cast it in.  He is the greatest.

We also went to see my family the weekend that summer games was going on.  We watched my sister and his sister play.  Between games, we took my little sister out to eat.

And we hung out with my old roommate and another friend from college, That night that we hung out, I dunked the basketball...on an eight foot hoop, but still. a dunk.  And I hurt my arm...I somehow pulled the muscles in my forearm. Ouch.

So also I went boating for the first time in my life.  Honestly so much fun.  I tried wakeboarding, and folks?  I got up my first time!  Granted, as soon as I got up, I crashed.  But I ended getting up and staying up for like...20 seconds.  But I was super proud.  We also tubed too.  Way fun.  The aftermath left me a very sore girl.  My arms and back muscles were crazy sore.  

See?  The proof.  I was up and going.

And here is just a pic. of me and the boyfriend.  

I love him.

Well, I posted, right? Finally.

Well for the last pic?  I'll throw one in that you are bound to love.

During all of my travels on the freeway, I see a lot of neat things, and this is one of my favorite, by far.

See ya:)