Tuesday, March 30, 2010

growing up to be a big boy.

Today as I was straightening my hair (as i rarely do)  I started having these crazy realizations come to me.  These are a few. 
one. I turn twenty one in one week-ish.
two. I am going to be a senior in college after this semester
three. I could technically go on a mission
four. the whole mission thing freaks me out.
five. In approx. a year I will be graduating college.
six.  Now as I am SUPER stoked about graduating...kinda freaks me out. because. that means that I, chelsea, am actually going to be at the stage of when all of our teachers and friends asked us "what do you want to be when you grow up?" yes, i have always answered "a teacher." And now I am actually going to be fufilling my dream and will be a elementary teacher. weird.
seven. I turn twenty one next week--yes i realized that i mentioned this already... but it is still very odd to me.
eight. If I don't get these cute braces off I will be having a new drivers licence pic with this sweet grill of mine.
nine. as I am typing this, I have realized that i rarely use the "Shift" key. ha! I rely on good ol Microsoft Word to do it for me.
ten.  my only friends oh wait friend that i really keep in touch with from high school is good ol rash bal. haha not like I sincerely care, but it's just weird how once you graduate and move to different towns you really do drift apart.  but the good news is I have an awesome family and loads of roommates that get to see my face everyday:) 
eleven. I feel that what I have written is quite sufficient.

I would love to go back to being a kid where whatever I wore was considered adorable and cute. and I didn't have to pay any bills!  However I totally love my life:)

Now that is a sweet outfit!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Avatars and Comic Strips.

Today in my class we learned about how to make our own "Avatar"  No...No...they weren't the blue creatures you are immediately thinking of.  They were just pretend people in a pretend world on a computer screen...I would say my computer screen, but...alas...it is the schools computer I am on.  The making of the avatar account was actually quite easy, but as the thirty-something people in my class pushed enter, all of the computers slowed down.   It was as if we were trying to shove a pumped up basketball through a straw.  impossible.  So as me and my two fellow classmates were waiting for our avatars to load, we made a comic strip.  We had a sub today (substitute for all of you illiterate kids out there that aren't up with the cool lingo.) and so me and my fellow classmates were wondering where she went. I wish I could say that we actually drew these...but alas you wouldn't believe me.  So here it goes.

Yanghee Kim, Stuck in Science Sim

Where is Yanghee Kim?

Where did she go?!

Yes. we will find her.

AHHH!!!! She is in the computer!!!

Lets Save HER!!!

Will this work?

Pull her out of the computer!!!!

Uh....did it work?

To be continued.....


Yes. it did. it worked.

We are indeed angels.


for all of you who are going to want  to copy these photos and call them your own...the are ours. aka copyright.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Surveys Shmurveys

In my class today we learned out how to make surveys! This is a neat way to maybe make pop quizzes for my future students (who will be thrilled to have me as a teacher). it was pretty easy to make the quiz and it was just all in all worth it to learn how to make surveys and how to send them to people via email! pretty neat. I have made a survey and here i will post it...to all of my avid readers out there...you are more than welcome to take my survey. (for i will get points of you take it!)


Please copy and past url into your browser:) because I can't figure out how to just put it as a link...

now i don't really like cats...but i think kittens are pretty neat...so here is one for your entertainment.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Another Day in INST 4010

Well in class today we learned how to use Excel. Pretty awesome i must say. However at first i was quite illiterate. My friend and I cursed Excel as we began to use it. However we conquered and finished our assignment with just enough time to write on our personal blogs about our day in the classroom. I actually have once learned to use Excel as I had to pass several computer tests to get into my program. (kinda ridiculous...but whatev.) I think that Excel is a great thing for businesses and teachers. HEY! grading made easy. so. awesome.
And for your entertainment here is a pic to help ease you into march.