Monday, February 28, 2011

Spring is here.

There are several things that I love about spring.

1. The snow is actually going to be gone soon.

2. I can start wearing shorts without freezing.

3. I love baby animals.

4. Baseball/Softball.

Summer went to her softball tryouts.  Spring is here.  And friends in Logan on the USU Baseball team have already started playing games.

I love breaking out the sunglasses, shorts, and sunflower seeds.  The atmosphere of a baseball game is exhilarating.  And the boys just look SO good in their uniforms. Mmmm....Hmmm......

I get to watch my first softball game next week, and my first baseball game in two weeks.  or maybe three?  I don't know, but I'm excited. Nevertheless.

So I felt like posting a pic of me during my senior year of softball, we won 2nd in state!  Some of you may mock me because I'm proud of this.  But if any of you know the HHS Softball team?  You know how come I have so much pride in this trophy.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Update on the sickee

Well, I'm feeling better.  I still lay on the couch all day long, but I can get up and actually do stuff!  What the heck.  this knocked me on my butt.  I'm at least starting to not look as yellow!  and my eyes don't water when I put in my contacts anymore.  I would update on the rest of my life....but....I literally have been sitting on the couch this entire week.  I'm super anxious to get back up to school.  The sooner I start, the sooner I finish.  Just as soon as I feel well enough, ....and...can get the doctor's go ahead to get back into life!  see you soon Logan.  I know you've missed me.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bad news.

Well normally all of you avid blog readers would be reading this post and I would tell you how excited I was that I was leaving the country tomorrow!  However, This is no longer the case.   Let me give you all the "low-down". Last weekend, Friday, Feb 11, I had to leave my kindergarten class because I was not feeling well.  I went to the doctors and the doctor ran some blood tests, which all came back very clean.  On Sunday, Feb 13, I got a pretty bad fever and decided I needed to go in tomorrow to the doctors.  I went to a different doctor, and he ran some more blood work on me to see if I had Mono.  And it came back positive.  What the heck!?  So I had to call a bunch of people in my program to let them know of my situation and how I was going to make up the school I was about to miss.  They all agreed that I needed to miss the last week of student teaching so I could be better for New Zealand.  I could barely move all week because I was so sick.  My sister and brother did a lot for me.  Made me meals, packed up my house to move home, etc. they are the best.  Finally a week later, friday feb. 18 My sister and I came back home to so. utah, on the way home I thought that I had better get another doctor's appt just incase to check my vitals and make sure nothing else is wrong.  Well, I must have been inspired or something because I had more blood work done and the blood work did not report back pretty things.  It said that of course I have mono, and I have Jaundice (Which we already figured.  My skin and eyes are crazy yellow.) (gross).  But the blood work was suggesting that my gallbladder was infected, or something was wrong with it, and then my liver was of course not doing well (Hence Jaundice) and then also my Billy-Reuban Count in my blood (Whatever that is) was also going up.  The doc told me to take it easy this weekend and to come back in on president's day to get more blood work done to see if I am able to leave the country.  I was POSITIVE that the blood work was going to clear on monday, especially because I had multiple priesthood blessings, people were praying and fasting...etc.  Of course things were going to work out.  But on monday, I got a call from the doctor saying that my count has gone up and would suggest me not leaving the country.  Big shock, right?  I thought so too.  I have cried my tears over it, but it is weird because I do feel "at peace", if you will, about the decision.  I am so overly disappointed about not going.  It was once in a lifetime thing!  But maybe I'll get another chance, someday.  I am making many-a-phone calls today, trying to cancel my plane ticket, and get my money back.  There are a lot of high up people in the department of Elementary Education and Study Abroad Office that are going to be  only talking about me this morning, trying to figure out my situation.  I am so disappointed.  But it is okay.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

several things

1. jake left on his mission about earlier this week!  I bawled my eyes out.  I am going to miss that kid.  But he is honestly going to do so well.  Weird that he is gone. I don't like it at all.  But I suppose that if he were to come home, we would be like, what the heal kid?  This is a pic of the last time I saw him.  Which was about two weeks ago.

Gosh he is a good looking kid.

2.  When I went down to htown, for Jake's farewell, (which was amazing).  I decided to embrace my country side and rode at the ranch for a cattle drive.  When I was younger I hated these kinds of things, and the reason?  Because I had to get up early.  I love my sleep.  But this time riding, I honestly had the greatest of times.  My cousin brought out a friend and he, somehow, got lost and so my uncles were riding all over trying to find him! And so while they were out riding everywhere and anywhere, we herded the cattle back to the ranch house.  It was Trinity, Jake, me and some of my other cousins.  Trinity and I were the oldest ones. We laughed and talked the entire time.  I really liked going!  Here are some pictures of that day.

 These are quite in random order, but you can see that do I do anything other than get on my horse and ride?  Nope, my brothers did everything for me, get my horse ready, tell me what to do, and take my horse's saddle off.  They are so good to me.  My horse's name was Smokey.  We have had him for years.  We go way back.

3.  Over the Christmas Break, my family went to the St. George temple lights.  I love that temple.  some pics of the event!
The temple!  I was pretty please how this pic turned out.  I took it with my new camera I got for Christmas/Graduation present.

My siblings that were there, minus jake and myself

Mom and Dad, aka the best parentals in the world

Jake and I in the Visitor Center!

4.  Some pretty neat people in my life. My niece and nephew!  They are the cutest.
Marek, on our long drive to Logan from htown, what a trooper he is!

My little sister, who is the most tenderhearted girl I know, and Mylah, a crazy little girl.
So I went over to My bro and sis n law's house and Mylah showed her new artwork to us!  Tasha was SO happy.
On the wall.  In permanent marker. Nice.  It was about two feet tall.

4.  I just had to put this up here.  It is a little heart breaking to show you this.  But it has to be done.  My little sis, Summer is so beautiful.  I aspire to have her looks and her hair one day!