Tuesday, April 19, 2011

lots of events....

So it's been....three weeks....? I don't know. It has def been a while since I have blogged.  But.  A lot of sweet things have been happening.  first one?  I received my first apple as a teacher! And of course I took a pic of it.

Nice, right?  I thought so too.

Now. On to the next event. My birthday!  Yes, I have turned another year older, making me 22. It was a sweet birthday.  First of all, I totally had school off, which in and of itself is always amazing.  The new guy I'm slightly dating asked if he could take me to dinner, which of course I said yes, so we went to dinner.

ps. this boy's name is Tyler.  Anyway, So after he took me out, then we went out to my brother and sister n law's house for cake and ice cream, as soon as I opened the door, trinity tackled me to the ground and held me there while Justin grabbed his wooden spoon and spanked me 22 times...They are so sweet. After that shantel surprised me with flowers and a card, trinity and kendra gave me some shirts and some hair stuff in a cute Easter basket and then Mylah presented me with her painting for me.  SO cute.  She was explaining it to me, and then said, "well...I think I might keep it and you can get it next time."  But her mom told her that she probably needed to give it to me because it is my birthday.  Here are the pics of the flowers, the Easter basket and Mylah's picture she painted.

I def love my family.  By far the greatest humans to ever live.
So after having cake and ice cream, we decided to go bowling. I love to bowl.  I think it is so fun.  So my siblings and I went bowling with some friends.  I forgot socks when we arrived at the bowling ally.  And what did I do?  I bought some. out of the vending machine!  Who woulda thought, right?

The Socks.

Me and my sis

So Trinity was the very top score. Look at him having five strikes in a row!  Amazing.

When I came home then I found some brownies and a sign on my bed!  I have the greatest friends.

Anyway, stellar bday.

Now onto other events.  So my friend Kendra is in this class up here and had to make a flapper dress out of newspaper and get someone to model it in a fashion show.  it was a sweet dress!  here it is.

When we went out of the building after the fashion show to go home, this is what it looked like.  It was so cold.  I was in flip flops and shorts...not the greatest outfit for this weather...

Now, onto other events...Tyler's roommate's old mission companion invited us to go to his cabin/barn thing for the weekend to go four wheeling and camping.  So I invited my roommate and her boy to come along with us!  It was large amounts of fun.  Here are some pics of it!
We went shooting....

And four-wheeling....

And chilled....This is my roommate Alisa

Alisa and her boy Casey

Me and my boy, Tyler

Tyler gave Alisa and me the back of the truck to sleep in and as we got our beds situated, casey and tyler climbed in with us.  we were like sardines...super squished.
 It was honestly super fun.  Everyone was watching a flick, but the four of us didn't feel like it so we decided to go outside and play a little football. It was way fun.

Also important events include my roommate Kristy and her art show!  Tyler, my old roommate sam and her baby boy and I went to go and support her. Tyler just has to be in every pic...

Also in this pic, you can see some of my blue jacket!  I dyed this.  It was kinda a nasty white, so I changed it. I also dyed some five dollar canvas walmart shoes.  they are Legit.  seriously.  Here are the shoes.

Sweet. Right?  I love them.  

Well, that is all I have.  This was a solid update. goodbye.


  1. WHAT'S THAT!? TWO mentions of sam :) haha I feel totally special! and porter boy even made a pic!
    Honored chels. that's just what I am.

  2. Chels you are so freakin cute. And so are those shoes... So when are you going to make me some???