Thursday, September 29, 2011

I'm getting married in one week. weird.

So my single life is almost over...weird? Yes.  Nerve-wracking? Yes. Exciting? Yes.  It's crazy to believe that a year ago,  I would have never have guessed I would be living in Provo, teaching 4th grade, and marrying Tyler. I am so excited to marry that guy.  Everything is coming along nicely!  Invitations are FINALLY all sent out (sorry if you are just getting yours, or if you didn't get one...?  It's so hard to remember EVERYONE! So...please forgive...)  I took my bridals a few weeks ago and never put any up.  My mom took them, and I think that she did an amazing job.  I haven't had any time to edit them.  So you are going to be looking at the un-edited ones.  But I still think that they look amazing. (that is kinda conceded...right?  considering they are all of me.  oh well).  So, here you go!

PS. Tyler- if you are on here. get off. You know you can't see my dress just yet!


  1. oh my effing freaking flipping amazing. you're gorgeous. minus the frowny face one. brides shouldn't be grumpy unless they are bridezilla and I seriously doubt that. I got mine ;)finally. I am so excited for you chels! gaaa!!!! in a week!!!!!
    love you

  2. LOVE them! They turned out so cute!

  3. Chels, these pictures are gorgeous! You are so beautiful, and I love your dress! Happy wedding! :)

  4. Chelsea, congrats!!! I'm so happy for you and your hubby, marriage is so dang fun. Hope everything turned out well! I wish I lived closer so I could have come to your reception. :) I'm sure it was beautiful!