Thursday, November 18, 2010

My last year of what we call college. all of you can see, i am horrible at keeping up with my blog.  But, the good news, is, is that i am writing right now!  This summer went by so fast, and now the semester is almost at an end too.  I seriously can't believe that this is my last year of college!  I actually have to grow up.  However, I am super excited to get a job teaching and so I can actually get paid to do something that i love.  I am now done with university classes, forever, and i am solely in the classroom teaching!  I am doing my student teaching next semester, It consists of two blocks, one block I will be teaching in Cache County somewhere...and the other block....I am going to be teaching in.......... NEW ZEALAND!!!!!!!!!! I'm just a tad excited about going;)  I finally got my passport, and i have already paid half of the amount that it will cost me to go.  This trip is def going to be  awesome.  I also am going to be staying an extra week down there so i can just tour the place....lord of the rings anyone....? I will be leaving at the end of February, and be getting back the 27th of April!  Woot Woot!!!  I know all of you that are reading this are pretty jealous of me.  And I can't blame you.  It actually all seems pretty surreal to me still. I'm nervous.  But excited!  This will look amazing on my transcript. while in NZ I will try my hardest to keep up  on my blog. But until then.....? Who knows the next time I will post.

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