Sunday, January 16, 2011

Student Teaching!

Well, I am two weeks down of my first block of student teaching! Five weeks left and then I'm off to New Zealand!  For about the past hour I have been looking at pictures and regularities of New Zealand, and needless to say, I am SUPER excited:)  I will be teaching there for 7 weeks and touring for 1 1/2 weeks.  I am nervous to be on my own, but mostly anxious and excited!  I am in a kindergarten class right now and I am loving every second of it!  Every day I have one of my kindergartners say something quite clever and just plain funny.  However the last couple of days I have had two little boys say something quite funny to me.  We were talking about teen numbers and the turns to me and asks, "Hey Miss Chelsea, are you a teenager or a Mom?"  I answered saying that I was neither, and he looked at me in a confused way and then asks, "then what are you?"  I just said that I was somewhere in between and I was a college student.  He just was like, "ok!"  and then we went on with the lesson.  Then the next day, at centers, a little girl told someone that I was the teacher, and someone else says..."NO....she is a STUDENT teacher."  and then this little boy sitting right next to me corrects them all by looking at me and saying, "no, she is somewhere in between a teenager and......hmm....a woman.  Right?"  I had to stifle my laughter and just say, "something like that...."  Oh the life of teaching.  I do love what I do!  I just can't wait to have my OWN classroom.  I am looking forward to graduating May of 2011!  I wish I could put pictures on here, but I am without any of my pictures!  all of my pictures are on my laptop and my laptop is getting fixed at the moment.  But for sure when I go to New Zealand I will be putting lots of pictures up here!


  1. atta boy buddy. I'm gonna need you to actually follow through on this one. Remember I'm living vicariously through you, so I'm going to need a pretty in depth depiction of your trip. Gracias. oh, and some stellar souvenirs would be nice:)

  2. What I am mostly happy about at this point is that someone actually read my blog! Ha! nice. Then of course I will keep this dang thing updated. and a souvenir? of course.