Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Well, lets be honest.  I'm so excited I'm done with college. I was so ready to be out of there and to get my own classroom!  I'm applying for so many jobs...but I haven't been hired...yet...I am so confident I will get a job.  I currently have an interview for an academy school in SLC for next week, wish me luck!  But let me back-track.

So graduation.  It didn't seem like it was happening.  I think it will for sure hit me when I don't come back next semester.  Yikes.

So my entire family came up to see me graduate, I love them.  And my boyfriend also came up to see me.  He is honestly the greatest boy in the world. I had no idea such a guy existed.

so i'll now upload some pics, cause lets be honest, everyone loves the pics on the blogs.

My two buddies.  Justin and Kristy.  I've lived with Kristy now for two years.  She is  so neat.  

Two of my greatest friends in my program, Cam and Brooke.  I love these two.

I just got my Diploma...well an empty case at least.  I get my actual Diploma in the in two months.

My whole family.  I love them.

The parentals.  They are the greatest.  I love them.

And my boy Tyler that came up to see me graduate.  I also love him;)

Leah was up watching her cousin graduate and I happen to see her!   

The sisters of the family. And my adorable niece.

The night after graduation. With the boyfriend. 
So there it is!  The main photos.  So you obviously got the vibe my love life is pretty sweet. If I could just find a job?  I'd be a happy camper.

I'll keep you updated when I find a job!  or if anything else happens in my life.peace...

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  1. Dog, you look crazy balls good! seer, phenom photos of you slash me and Tyler need to get to know each other if this is going to continue....