Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Summer Time.

Thus far for summer?  Has been pretty sweet.  I'm doing the whole long-distance thing with Tyler.  I haven't loved that.  But so far I have been able to see him every weekend!  So maybe this summer won't be too bad...

So I have graduated from college.  And have I found a job yet...?  Nope.  And it is SO discouraging. I have interviewed for a couple positions, but I didn't get either of them.  But I'm sure something will work out!  I hope so anyhow.  I did however, get a position for a part-time summer teaching position in the month of June.  So that will be sweet.  It's in SLC so I am living with Rachelle and Leah.  Love those girls. So I move up tomorrow! (June 1st).  And this is a pretty neat part, is that Tyler lives in Kaysville, just 30 minutes away!  So we have big plans.  Fishing this weekend, Bear Lake the next (with his family) they are going boating.  And this will be the first time I have even been boating.  Tyler is bound and determined to teach me to wakeboard....I am pretty nervous.  I'm already clumsy and have horrible balance so put me on a board in water?  yeah...I bet you all could see this go down.  Cause I'm sure I will have some awesome crashes.  Tyler's mom will be there to take pictures.  Hopefully I get at least one good picture of me standing up on the wakeboard so I can have a little dignity.   But needless to say, I am nervous, slash excited.

So this last weekend Tyler came down to see me. Because it was Memorial Day weekend, he got to stay till Monday!  Which was so awesome.  We went to the cabin on Saturday to mow the grass and also to have a cookout.  We went on a sweet hike, but I forgot to bring my camera.  dang.  But other than the cabin we just did some jobs around the house.

Tyler and I at the Cabin

Heather and me.

The family playing baseball (with a stick and pinecones) at the cabin

The Cabin!

Later that weekend, we went and checked out the river to see the snow melt.  It was SO full.  Crazy.
Anyway, I'm excited to start this summer teaching job!  And I'm excited to be closer to Tyler.  Well, that is all for now, next update will include some of my amazing crashes wakeboarding.  Be excited.  Very excited.

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  1. congrats girl! Hey I found out that that acadamy school that you interviewed at, my step mom works there! gaa! I didn't find out until like a few days ago or i'd have had her put in a good word :) you'll find something though :)