Wednesday, February 3, 2010

realizations I never thought would happen.

So, I have realized that I really like this whole blog thing. weird. I never thought that this day would actually happen. I was like the rachelle ballard who refuses to get a facebook and be like the rest of us facebook stalkers. Truth is, she wants one, and she just won't get one because of her dang pride. I wasn't going to get a blog, when infact, I did get one. And I enjoy it! so shout out to rachelle! I gave in, you can too;) I have also had a strange realization. My apartment recieved an invitaion for a date to never occur. for it was not in the past, nor the This event that we were all invited to happened to be Feb. 30. hmm... I at first thought that this must have been a weird typo and then meant to put january 30. But then I realized, no one makes mistakes, not with our technology this day and age! So I had to finally admit to myself that I was invited to a party, (mind you it was even for our lds church a 'linger longer') a party that would never take place in this year or the years to come. I have accepted that fact. that whomever sent this note did not want us attending. I understand.

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  1. I love that you love blogs :) it is a surprising passion ain't it?