Monday, February 1, 2010

small steps for technology, great big steps for chelsea

Well, this is officially my first blog. You may ask, what? Chelsea Stout doesn't already have a blog? And the answer is, no. I didn't have a blog. This is actually my first. absolutely absurd. I had to make this blog for school, for Instructional Technology for Elementary Teachers. Our class is pretty self explanitory. We learn how to incorporate technology into the classroom. Some really believe that technology needs to be involved more in the classroom and some believe that students shouldn't have loads of tech in the class. However, the majority believe "INCORPORATE YOUR TECHNOLOGY!" (sorry to all you old timers out there who still believe you should save the toilet paper if you got your house 'papered'). But this is the thing. Even if students are going to have their phones banned in the classroom, they will still use them. No doubt. I know I still do. (i know you didn't think i was a rebel...but i am.) So why not have them use their phones for pop quizzes and such?! You could have them clock in everyday with their cellphone...some might think that it is absurd to use texting for learning and that our young people are addicted to texting...well this is the truth, we are! And we might as well take advantage of our addiction.


  1. I am here, in the flesh reading and loving the fact that you have a blog. Welcome to MY world ye facebooking fiends:). Looks super good though dog, congrats.