Monday, February 8, 2010


Some of you who are great followers of my blog (hey rachelle!) may be wondering what the YETC is. well...because we are supposed to post what we learned in my inst 4010 will find out! the yetc is just a computer lab inside of the education building...however i do forget what the yetc stands for (even though we did just learn about it). But this center is pretty awesome. Number one, i don't have to travel anywhere on campus seeing how i am always in this building due to my major and also they have a wide variety of computers and it seems like i can always find a computer in a quiet secluded area. because...lets be honest. No one want to be in a loud computer area. We had a kind man present to us today and he showed us some websites that are actually pretty neat. The one that I liked the best is called this is a site with over 40 stories that can be read to a individual, small group or a class. There was also another program that was just on his computer that was pretty neat. It designed worksheets with a click of a mouse!!! worksheets made easy. awesome. The YETC also has copy machines that we can use, we can print off anything and even make it color! (it costs 25 cents tho.) And, the best part that I like, is that it prints double sided papers! it is slightly cheaper than printing two papers. so in the long run...i'll save a lot of money:) I really like this class because it shows me so many options to work with when I finally become a teacher. My only hope is, that when I do get a teaching job, i hope that the technology resources will be readily available, because some schools just don't have enough funds because they are using those funds on other things in the school that is probably more important that having a couple extra computers. Well...that is about all I have to say, and type because this darn keyboard that i am using is sticking pretty bad! (note to self: don't use this comp again.).

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  1. note to self.. chels likes non sticking computers in bad location better than computer's in good location that stick.
    ps. rachelle is not the only one who religiously follows your every word ma'am. although i do love that girl