Monday, April 19, 2010


So...due to my recent post (look below) I have been claimed to be boring? HA!  So this is to make up to all you little freaks. 
Tonight I had a sneak attack bbq. Sneak attack you may ask? How? Where? When? Why weren't you invited?  Thats just it. you weren't.  I went over to my brothers house to get one of his free coupons for a smoothie so I could go and study for my praxis exam (for all of you non elementary education majors: a HUGE test we have to pass to student teach/teach.  its life or death.)  Anyhow, I was going over to get a free coupon not planning on staying for the bbq...when in fact...I stayed. just to have a burger and then go get my smoothie but then these wreched freshmen came (who knew that the "freshmen" title still applied in college).  So i had to save a couple of my girlfriends and take them with me to go and get smoothies.  Trinity however was stuck grilling the burgers so we just had to bring him back one.  Those freshman were still there.  It amazed me at how high their voices were and how good they looked for a bbq. how did I look you ask?  well I was the prettiest boy there.  that sums it up.  Anyhow, we slurped our smoothies and I called it a night to come back and study...but now I'm blogging. hmm.....anyways, a couple of other events that i feel that are worth the blogging life is that of:  I have been eating at justin's house a lot lately.  I LOVE eating there. because he makes the best food.  seriously.  love the burgers and chicken...even andy got to try some of the delishness i am always raving about. that lucky bass:)  speaking of good ol andy...we got to go to baby animal days with trinity, kendra, justin, tasha, mylah and marek.  the whole lot of everyone.'ll never guess what was there. Baby. Bears.  easy you are wondering if I got to hold one. and the answer is a very sad no.  The only people that could hold them were their trainer people.  HOWEVER we did get these awesome bear masks.  Andy kept saying that I looked exactly like a bear. haha that crazy boy:)

Anyways, we had a really fun time there, and we even got a chance to ride a train...granted it was for little kids. but...we pretended we were taking mylah and then let her go with her mom so tasha could have an excuse to get on the train. is a confession...this next pic is actually really hard for my to put up. cause of my sweet grill...but it's the only pic of us on the train. so...just make your eyes fuzzy if you want to see the pic but not the brace face;) it's not the braces you were expecting...i actually did put it up but it honestly was just a bad pic all together. so this is a sweet pic of a peacock at our logan zoo.  haha it was pretty neat cause I had never seen one before with all of it's feathers like that. it was cool.

So...just to save my pride now, because i didn't put up a bad is even a better pic. I'm going to study and get ready to register for my classes at midnight. 


  1. WHAT! now i'm pissed! you were at the zoo and you didn't come see me! ugh i mean it's in my backyard. bum face.

    i still love you...

  2. atta boy!!! finally some juice. Plus some quality pics of some good lookin people, at least that's what others have been saying;). Guess who might have to move home, at least for May....? yep, I'm unhirable. Hard to believe, right?