Monday, April 26, 2010

Role Plays of Technology blog for today is for my technology class so I receive points for our last class period (woot woot! the semester is almost over!!!)  So.  Me and a couple of my fellow classmates had to read about this scenario where a teacher wanted i-pod touches for her classroom for some of the applications that it has to offer.  We had to record our discussion pretending to be one of the people in our certain scenario. hence. role play.  Personally I thought the teacher was being quite selfish as she just wanted i-pod touches for just her classroom.  however, if the teacher had her own funds, it would be pretty neat if the students had such commodities.   Also today I finished up my inquiry lesson plan.   finally. I've been having troubles uploading it and such.  Well...this will be my last post about this long and farewell. It has indeed been a great ride.

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